Bridal Showcase Open House & Cake Tasting at the National Golf Club Tantallon, Stephanie Grines Photography

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Open House! …

It’s always our pleasure to offer our baked goods for all of you cool creative folks to sample. Newly engaged couples, bridal coordinators, event planners and family members of guests-of-honor who are celebrating non-bridal affairs, we welcome you to come visit with us so we may create an edible masterpiece for your upcoming event.

Cake Flavor Faves:

  1. Pancakes & Bacon - cinnamon butter cake, maple buttercream, bourbon maple Applewood smoked bacon bits, waffle wedge.

  2. Signature Sweet Potato Poundcake - sweet potato poundcake, cream cheese buttercream, vanilla bean buttercream, bourbon whisky caramel, toasted pecan.

  3. Lemonicious - lemon cake, lemon curd filling, lemon cream cheese buttercream, vanilla bean buttercream.

  4. His Beer & Cigar (“The Gentlemen”) - Guiness stout chocolate cake, beer drizzle, beer buttercream, cherry vanilla cigar white chocolate ganache.

  5. Her Pink Champagne - pink champagne butter cake, pink champagne strawberry white chocolate buttercream.

  6. Authentic Red Velvet - red beet cocoa butter cake, cream cheese buttercream, vanilla bean buttercream. #NoDyeNeeded.

  7. Smooth Almond Velvet - almond scented butter cake, almond pastry cream mousseline, vanilla bean buttercream, toasted almonds.

  8. Cherry Blossom Vanilla Rose - rose butter cake, rose buttercream, black cherry preserves. #SimplyAmazing!!!!!

Private Cake Tastings & Consultations are available by appointment only in Hyattsville, MD. This session is a charged service. Inquiry at or 240.467.3977. Stay tuned for our next Open House / Cake Tasting! We look forward to seeing you and your entourage there!

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Mr. & Mrs. Darrell and Patricia Robinson, Oxon Hill Manor, Terri Baskin Photography