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Cotton at Glynn Jackson’s Golden Scissors Awards, Silver Spring, MD.

Cotton at Glynn Jackson’s Golden Scissors Awards, Silver Spring, MD.


Cotton has been a passionate baker since she was knee-high to her mother’s side. While attending Howard University for Electronic Studio Art, Cotton proudly rep’s being a self-taught baker who imbues herself, head first, into her craft achieving excellence in baking, decorating and service.

To honor the beloved memory of her parents, James Henry Ward and Barbara C. Ward, and her beloved infant son, Byron Alexander Brown, Cotton established this wonderful from scratch, small-batch baking dessert boutique. She creates old-fashioned cakes and baked goods for enthusiasts who simply adore those unforgettable, well made, delicious sweets in the form of cakes, chocolates, caramels, ice creams and other sweet delectables.

Cotton bakes the same way many of your family members did: from scratch. Can you remember the feeling you felt when you came home from school (or the playground) and that wonderous smell of buttery, brown sugar chocolate chip cookies filled the air and hit you smack in the face? Of course you do! #HappyFeelings!

Let’s face it, sweets are an absolute good. Cotton and her talented crew of cool creatives look forward to delivering smiles to you soon! …

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March of Dimes Signature Chefs Auction

The March of Dimes foundation is very near and dear to Cotton’s heart. In lieu of losing her unborn son to preeclampsia in her 8th month of pregnancy, Cotton and the Tiered & Petite crew contributes to this charity every October to bring awareness and to help prevent further prenatal fatalities, infant loss and premature births. The MoD’s is a phenomenal foundation that goes above and beyond to create a resolution to this ongoing problem affecting parents too often.

The Signature Chefs Auction brings together the nation’s capitals’ top culinary artists, mixologists and over 400 sponsors who make donations to help this cause. Cotton is truly humbled and honored to be able to participate with such a powerful and moving foundation. What an honor for Tiered & Petite to be welcomed back. #SoBlessed!

Our prayers go out to families who have been affected by infant loss and premature births. For more information on how to become an intricate part of prevention or to make a donation to this phenomenal charity, please CLICK HERE. To get tickets to attend the Signature Chefs Auction, please CLICK HERE. Blessings to you and your family!